CEO for Thunder Developments



Position Overview:


Reporting to the Corporation Board of Directors & SEO, this position will ensure the effective and efficient management of the Thunder Child First Nation (TCFN) businesses and operating entities. When representing the TCFN, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) shall demonstrate professionalism always. The CEO serves as chief executive of the Corporate organization and, in partnership with the Board, is responsible for the success of the Corporate organization. Together, the Board and CEO assure the Corporate organization’s relevance to the community, the accomplishment of the Corporate organization’s mission and vision, and the accountability of the Corporate organization to its stakeholders.


Job Responsibilities

  • Assures the filing of all legal and regulatory documents, and monitors compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
  • Identifies problems and opportunities, recommends policy positions, and assists the Board with monitoring and evaluating results and relevance to the community.
  • Keeps informed of developments in the areas of human services, charity and fund development, and not-for-profit and governance.
  • Provides general oversight of all Corporation activities, manages day-to-day operations, and ensures program quality and organizational stability through standards, policies, and procedures.
  • Recommends staffing and financing to the Board, recruits personnel, and negotiates professional contracts.
  • Works with the Board to enable fulfillment of governance functions as well as facilitate optimum performance by the Board.
  • Oversees fiscal activities of the organization, including budgeting, reporting, and auditing.
  • Ensures an effective fund development program and participates in actively identifying and soliciting partnerships and/or joint venture prospects.
  • Acts as an advocate within the public and private sectors for issues relevant to the corporation, as well as initiates and maintains cooperative relationships with key constituencies.
  • Establish strong relationships with the Board, committees, volunteers, staff, partners, funders, and clients.
  • Identify and evaluate risks and implement measures to control risks.



  • Bachelor’s Degree is required with a minimum of 5 years experience in a senior management position.
  • 10 or more years of direct financial management experience with First Nation communities.
  • 5 years minimum of direct supervision experience over different levels of employees.
  • 10 years or more experience as a key negotiator.
  • 10 or more years of progressive management experience.


Skills and Competencies:

  • Demonstrated experience in integrating and coordinating diverse areas of management.
  • Some experience in the field of charity, not-for-profit management and governance, and community relations is preferred. Some general knowledge of fund development is also preferred.
  • Experience with planning and implementing programs.
  • Knowledge in Human services, finance and personnel, and governance.
  • Demonstrated critical competencies in four broad categories: commitment to results, business savvy, leading change, and motivating.
  • Knowledge of all federal and provincial legislation applicable to the business sectors of the Corporation and its entities including: employment standards, human rights, occupational health and safety, charities, taxation, CPP, EI, health coverage etc.
  • Knowledge of current community challenges and opportunities relating to the mission of the Corporation.
  • Knowledge of First Nation Customs, Values, Traditions and Practices.
  • Systems thinker who is customer focused and goal driven.
  • Action oriented and innovative.
  • Ability to develop constructive relationships with multiple stakeholders.
  • Demonstrates commitment to continued professional growth and development.



Application Deadline: Oct 12, 2020

Please apply by submitting a cover letter and detailed resume to:

Winston Walkingbear
Director of Operations I Thunderchild First Nation
Box 600 I Turtleford, SK I SOM 2Y0
Phone: 306 845 4300 ext. 295