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High School Graduation Incentive Application


Our goal is to best prepare our students to be contributing and thriving citizens of Thunderchild First Nation and anywhere their travels and dreams take them in the world. By doing this, we aim to provide the highest standard of education to our students by ensuring they receive the best possible academic, cultural and athletic experience.

In order to obtain this goal, we focus on our teachers and ensure that their professional development parallels and exceeds best practices so our children are the primary beneficiaries of a quality education.

The formative years of our children are key focal points for the education team here at Thunderchild. As a result, we acknowledge the importance of early childhood development and the critical role this plays in the long-term growth and success of our students.

All About Us

We are proud to be a First Nation school that incorporates family, culture and language into our curriculum as we assist our students in embracing their identity.

We belong to a Cree Nation that continues to practice and promote our language, culture and identify in the each facet of daily life. We hold our Elders in high esteem and look to them for leadership in every aspect of our lives.

We practice the virtues as taught by our Elders and rely on the Creator for strength and guidance in all things.

We are accountable to our Chief and seven Councillors through our Director of Education.



The staff at Piyesiw Awasis School are valuable assets who contribute to the development and growth of our Nation's future leaders. Below you will find a list of the important staff members who are currently playing an instrumental role in shaping our future here at Thunderchild First Nation:


Corinna Thunderchild


Contact Information

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 600
Turtleford, SK, Canada

Phone: 1 (306) 845-4300
Fax: 1 (306) 845-3230
Toll-free: 1 (866) 395-8888

Post Secondary Education

Tansi and welcome to the Post-Secondadry Education Page! The Thunderchild First Nation Post Secondary Department will be moving forward with 2 key initiatives in addition to our current responsibilities this upcoming academic year and we'd like your input.

  1. We will be sending periodic email communication that will include: department updates, important dates and deadlines for applications, scholarship, bursary and related opportunities, and current student and alumni profiles. What do we need from you? Please send an email requesting to be part of the list and we'll add you. Simple as that!
  2. Establish the "Thunderchild First Nation Alumni Network"

What is it? Good question and glad you asked. Over the years, Thunderchild has produced outstanding graduates in academia and the trades professions who have made valuable contributions to their work place(s), communities, families and in doing so, have provided a valuable endorsement for our community here at home. We want to profile them. Highlight their successes, share their challenges, how they've overcome these barriers and advice they would give to our students today and themselves at the same age. If you would like to nominate someone who has received post-secondary funding from Thunderchild and has gone on to complete their studies and contribute to a greater world then we would love to hear from you. How do you do this? Send an email with your nominees' information and story.

PDF documentPSSSP Student Applcation Form REVISED

PDF documentPost Secondary Continuning Application Form

PDF documentPost-Secondary Policy

Graduation Incetive Application

Application for Graduation/Convocation 


SITAG/Labour Force Development


Corinna Thunderchild




The SITAG program is an employment strategy, administered by TFCN, to help our members join the work force. It is complex with many regulations and is monitored by a provincial office out of Saskatoon. New policy changes has resulted in participants being able to secure SITAG funding once every 2 years.

SITAG criteria is as follows:

  • Participant must reside on Thunderchild First Nation, if you live elsewhere, you will be referred to the correct location to seek assistance such as Lloydminster, North Battleford or a First Nation;
  • Participant cannot be currently employed;
  • Participant may receive Job Placement Assistance once every 2 years (this refers to the purchase of work gear); and.
  • Participant must have a letter from an employer stating you need work gear, safety tickets, or other training BEFORE financial assistance may be provided.

We recently completed a program offering Safety Tickets to individuals wanting to work in the industry of Oil and Gas. The SITAG office will now be having an employment drive in partnership with the North Battleford Industrial Career Centre to help participants seek employment and obtain jobs. 

We are also hosting Grade 12 Adult Education in partnership with Piyesiw Awasis School.

If you have any questions about how to obtain sponsorship, apply to school, or where to obtain funding if you do not live in Thunderchild First Nation please contact Thunderchild Post Secondary Coordinator.

School Staff 2021-2022


Marvin Jimmy

Vice Principal

Bernadine Graham

Special Education

Sandra Jimmy

Nursery Headstart

Charlene Jimmy


 Nikki Paddy

Grade 1

 Judy Bear

Grade 2

Lorianne Thunderchild

Grade 3

Joshlyn Thunderchild

Grade 4

Skylar Walkingbear

Grade 5

Shelby Graham

Grade 6

Holly Armstrong

Grade 7

David Armstrong

Grade 8

 Quinn McKee

Grade 9

 Linda Standing

Grade 10

Rose Krywchuk

Grade 11

Kathleen Dennis Walker

Grade 12

Maxine Thunderchild

Phys Ed.

Michael Matchee

Inside/Out Room

 Alana Williams


 Susy Lister


Amelia Meetoos

 Achievement Room

Delia Waskewitch