Thunderchild Lands & Resources

Councillor Leonard Sapp

  • Lands Portfolio Councillor
  • Specific Claims
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Norma Sunchild

Lands Manager/Director

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Treaty Land Entitlement Trustees

Verna Noon
Garry Frenchman
Kelly Paddy

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Mailing Address:
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Turtleford, SK, Canada

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Thunderchild Lands & Resources

Thunderchild FirstNation Lands and Resources Department is made up of the personnel employed, contracted or appointed by the Governing Body and is responsible for one or more aspects of the day-to-day administration of the Lands and Resources of theThunderchild First Nation.

The primary role of the Lands and Resources Department is as following:

  • The creation of order within the implementation of management systems foragriculture and eco-tourism for each function of the Lands;
  • Realization of the maximum revenues from Thunderchild First Nation Lands and Resources subject to the protection of Thunderchild First Nation and having regard to the way of operating which is based on Cree culture so that the Land and resources are governed under a treaty based government;
  • Comply with the policies, procedures and protocols established pursuant to the laws ofthe Thunderchild First Nation and our Treaty Rights;
  • Promote and enhance the confidence of the general public and the Citizens of Thunderchild First Nation that the land policies are being followed and equally applied; and
  • Act honestly and in the best interest of the Thunderchild First Nation Members.
  • The Lands and Resources Department are charged with the responsibility of oversight of all the lands carrying capacities, inspections, crop shares issues, inventories, building, structures, monitoring livestock, delivery placement and removal of facilities. The Maximization of Revenues Mandate is to ensure that the maximum potential of all Thunderchild First Nation Lands revenues are actually earned and to address the shortfall of revenues in the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development (AANDC) funding, Agricultural Leases, Oil & Gas and Outfitting.

Treatyland Entitlement

TreatyLand Entitlement (TLE) Lands are those held by the Thunderchild First Nation TLE Trusteeswhich are lands that were purchased under TLE Framework Agreement.

ThunderchildFirst Nation TLE Trustees;

  • Shall serve a term of three (3)years.
  • One (1) Trustee shall be either theChief or a Councilor of the Band;
  • One(1) Trustee shall, to and including the shortfall Acres Acquisition Date, be anIndependent Trustee and, thereafter, maybe selected from at large;
  • One(1) Trustee shall be an Band Member residing Off-Reserve;
  • The two (2) Trustees shall be Members of the Band.

TLE Trustees haveauthority over all Entitlement Lands. The TLE Trustees are leaving the matterof the management of the Lands and Resources of Entitlement Lands to theThunderchild First Nation Lands and Resources Department and the Lands.

The TLE Trustees areduty bound to ensure that the Entitlement Lands are protected as an asset ofthe trust and the maximum revenue is earned from Entitlement Lands. The TLETrustees will assess whether the Entitlement Lands are being managed properly,the TLE Trustees require the following reports from the Director of Lands andResources on a timely basis.

Thunderchild Lands

TLE lands that are in Reserve Status: 47,099.735 Acres

115B - 18,720 acres: Main Reserve

115C - 1,440 acres

115D - 1,280 acres

Specific Claims

PDF document Per Capita Distribution (18 yr old) form