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An independent Cree First Nations band government in Turtleford, Saskatchewan, Canada with no affiliation with any Tribal Council and is located approximately 113 kilometers northwest of North Battleford. 


Thunderchild First Nation Notice Appeals Hearing (November 23, 2022)


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 Application for Membership and on behalf of a minor.

 Thunderchild First Nation Citizenship Application.


PCD Payment forms:  There will only be one in person cash payout from 9:00 – 5:00, on Friday July 21st, 2023.  All other payments will be disbursed weekly via Direct Deposit or Cheque only, starting July 28th, 2023, once the completed application form is verified.  Please submit completed application form with photocopies of your ID, to PCD@thunderchild.ca

Individual PCD forms

Parent/ Guardian with minors PCD form

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Briefing Note August 2023

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Government to Exempt Per Capita Distribution Payments

The Government of Saskatchewan announced today it is updating its approach to Per …

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General Announcement

SLC Trust PCD Announcement


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